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«Focused on China for more than 8 years we help our worldwide clients to build their business on a successful platform. The main objective of our company is to make your business comfortable, safe and most importantly profitable »


Sergey Koynov                




At your request we can:


  • Detailed search on appointed goods with decent & trusted manufacturers
  • Organize to verify the reliability of enterprises by directly visiting factories and concluding report
  • Collecting/Sending of samples on essential products
  • Agreement on prices, delivery & lead timing
  • Organizing quality control and meet your production requirements before leaving the factory
  • Organizing export registrations of all necessary documents
  • Organizing storage and cargo consolidation
  • Arrangement in delivering your goods on your desired transport
  • Performing other jobs and assignments according to your requirements
  • Representative Service on behalf of your company



Shall you have any further questions, please contact us for more information